What is IPIC? 

The International Post-operative Intravesical Chemotherapy Study - Multi-centre Qualitative analysis of guideline adherence of peri-operative intravesical chemotherapy in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Contact Details and registration:  ipic.yuro@gmail.com

  • Lead investigator: Dr Tatenda Nzenza
  • Overall Recruitment Officer (RO): Dr Simeon Ngweso
  • East coast RO: Dr Catriona Duncan
  • Public relations: Dr Todd Manning
  • IT: Dr Shannon McGrath

Study Objectives

  • To investigate rate of use of post-operative intravesical chemotherapy for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NIMBC)
  • To assess guideline compliance rate, patterns of use and barriers to use of intravesical chemotherapy for NMIBC


  • Multi-centre retrospective audit of post-operative chemotherapy use for NIMBC
  • Across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK
  • All patients who underwent TURBT for suspected NIMBC in 2016
  • RedCaps Database

Inclusion Criteria

  • Age >18 yrs
  • As defined by operation note: Lesion suspected to be low grade at time of procedure (Ta/1), completely resected solitary papillary tumour

Exclusion Criteria

  • Age <18 years
  • High grade bladder cancer, CIS, multifocal (>1) or >3cm
  • Currently receiving ongoing intravesical chemotherapy